Bluhofi parked up while I'm away

I’ve been in Canada for a couple of months, and Bluhofi’s been parked up while I was away. I had hoped to borrow or rent a motorbike and do some riding while in Canada, but it’s not happened. Been too busy having other fun.

Have been kayaking, whale-watching, cycling, and more.. Can you plame me for not finding time for a motorbike?

I do find myself applying the observations while cycling too – quite useful in a country where you’re riding on the other side of the road, all the signs are different, cars behave differently, etc – but on a bicycle you have so much more time to make all the decisions.

Hope to be back on Bluhofi in December, weather permitting – and pick up the IAM programme as soon as Alan and I are comfortable getting out on the roads again.

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