Getting some practice!

I was taking some time off work this week, so managed to get out for a couple of rides. I suffered a bit from not planning routes and getting a bit lost, but was starting to feel the system flowing a bit more.

Planning a Ride

I’m finding my observations and planning quite natural in town, but taking more effort at speed on the open road. So much of my riding experience is urban, that’s perhaps no surprise. My biggest fault in town is still trying to unlearn my habit of stopping using only the front brake, and covering the front brake rather than the rear when moving off. Trying to hammer that through my head at the moment. Remembering a different approach to parking still needs thought to overcome old habits too.

Out on the open road my observations ahead, mirror checks, and rear observations are more natural, but I could do them a little earlier (particularly the rear observations on entering/leaving speed limits) – but finding the mental space to plan ahead, and also take in the information from scanning to the sides early, still proving tough.

Practice makes perfect!

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